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Obama agenda: To Israel, with love

“When President Obama makes his first official trip to Israel in three weeks, he should expect both a welcome and a warning,” USA Today writes of an interview with the Israeli ambassador to the U.S. "We're delighted that he's coming now," Michael Oren said, adding, "Keep in mind that President Bush didn't come until the last six months of his second term," the ambassador said. "President Reagan didn't come at all."

He also said sanctions can work but: “I think there's time, but there's not much time. There's a window for diplomacy, but the window is closing. … We know that given the centrifuges that they have now, they will pass a red line. That's the point where we will no longer be able to prevent them from making a nuclear weapon, and that line is coming up in the summer. If they install the next generation of centrifuges — and they're installing them right now — (and) if those centrifuges begin to spin, then the time will be even shorter."

USA Today raises the curtain on gun makers.

“John F. Kerry has done town hall meetings in Manchester, N.H. He’s fielded questions about corn subsidies from voters in Des Moines, and stumped in cities across Massachusetts,” the Boston Globe writes. “But on Tuesday, the new secretary of state brought those political skills to Germany, holding a town hall meeting here with students in the foreign country where Kerry himself spent time as a child. He cracked jokes, often at his own expense. It was, as he made clear on this third day of a whirlwind tour of European and Middle Eastern capitals, an emotional journey. Kerry had returned to a city he knows well. Everywhere he stopped on Tuesday – the US embassy, the town hall, and meetings with German leaders – Kerry mentioned his personal connections to the city. He told tales of his boyhood in the city in the 1950s, when his father was a foreign service officer advising US officials about a variety of legal actions.”