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Obama agenda: Keystone report coming

Bloomberg reports the Keystone State Department report could come as early as today, and that environmentalists will not be happy with it.

“President Obama wraps up State of the Union week Friday by talking about long-term unemployment and chatting with Internet users nationwide,” USA Today notes. “In the morning, Obama meets with executives from companies that have pledged not to discriminate against people who have been unemployed for six month or more.”

For the first time, Americans say both the Iraq and Afghanistan wars have been failures. A USA Today/Pew poll finds a majority – 52% -- say the U.S. has failed to achieve its goals in either war.

“Two familiar faces were in the audience for the president’s event in Nashville on Thursday: former vice president Al Gore and actress Ashley Judd,” Politico notes. “The two, who sat together in a high school gymnasium as President Barack Obama delivered remarks on education, each met with President Barack Obama, according to White House pool reports.”

The U.S. will seek the death penalty in the Boston bombing case.