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Obama agenda: Pew shows Obama's approval holding steady

“Over the past two weeks, President Barack Obama has argued with Chinese President Xi Jinping over cybersecurity, consulted with world leaders over Syria and trade, declared his desire to reduce U.S. and Russian nuclear weapons, and embraced the uncertain steps toward reconciliation in Afghanistan,” AP writes. “In each case, the president is aligning himself with a process that has a distant goal and is fraught with possible failure. And as he prodded foreign allies and U.S. competitors, he’s gotten a good dose of pushback for his troubles.”

Pew finds President Obama’s approval holding steady at 49%/43%. He slips some with independents.

A Kaiser poll finds the health care law unpopular with a 35%/43% fav/unfav. Fascinatingly, when respondents are asked about “Obamacare,” the favs and unfavs both increase to 42%/47%.