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Obama campaign shifts gears to Phase 2: His second term

President Barack Obama’s 2012 campaign infrastructure shifted gears Wednesday, beginning Phase 2 of its existence: pushing for the president’s second term agenda items.

A week after Obama for America asked supporters to take a survey on what they would want the organization to focus on post-election, the @BarackObama Twitter handle and corresponding email address sent out blasts about the president’s priorities for dealing with the fiscal cliff.

“Thanks to your feedback, we're taking immediate action on one of your suggestions: keeping you informed about how the President is fighting for you so you can continue to talk to your friends, family, and neighbors,” the email reads, above a graphic outlining Obama’s preferences for higher taxes on wealthy people, lower taxes for the middle class and $3 trillion in spending cuts.

The email, as well as an identical post on the OFA website, continues: "This is the President's plan, but he's not wedded to every detail. He is determined to work with Congress to find compromise and common ground. His guiding principle throughout this debate will be what's best for the middle class. He'll be fighting for you.”

This campaign is the first iteration of what campaign manager Jim Messina said he planned on being the extension of the successful re-election campaign.

“Some of it will absolutely live on,” Messina said at a post-Nov. 6 Politico breakfast.

Obama himself had expressed a desire to have a campaign-like apparatus in place after the election to help sell his policy agenda, coupled with more of his own outside-the-Beltway travel, something he’s previously suggested he didn’t do enough of during his first term.

“One of my pledges for a second term is to get out of Washington more often,” he said on a post-election conference call according to the Huffington Post.