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Obama chief strategist David Axelrod: truth will prevail in 2012 election

The truth about President Obama's economic record will ultimately prevail over the lies coming from recent pro-Mitt Romney ads, Obama's senior political strategist David Axelrod said Tuesday night.

"The truth will [win] out," Axelrod said, speaking on The Rachel Maddow Show. "And it's not just the truth about what we've done, but it's the truth about they would do and what they want to do." Romney wants to lower taxes on the rich and raise taxes on working Americans, he said.

Axelrod's comments were unconvincing to much of Maddow's viewership that was logged onto Twitter. "The 'Truth' didn't 'will out' with the swift boat ad," read one comment. "Axelrod is not understanding the psychology of persuasion," another commenter complained. "Its not about truth but what people believe."

Maddow was asking Axelrod about the ad sponsored by Republican strategist Karl Rove, which repeatedly misrepresented Obama's record. "Do you guys have a problem with voter information about the president's real record?" she asked.  "You can't hide the impact of what you're trying to do or who you are or what your record was, either in business or in state government," Axelrod responded. "The facts will out."