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Obama: The fight over regulation

Bloomberg: “President Barack Obama said the specter of a well-run bank such as JPMorgan Chase & Co. (JPM) suffering a $2 billion trading loss demonstrates the need for closer regulation of the financial services industry.”

“President Barack Obama’s campaign and a super-political action committee supporting him are using the same failed Kansas City steel company in television advertisements meant to portray presumed Republican opponent Mitt Romney as a ruthless businessman,” Bloomberg writes. “Priorities Action USA purchased $4 million of air time for the 30-second spot through the end of May, according to a source familiar with the ad buy.”

“Democrats hope Obama's politically risky embrace of gay marriage will re-energize supporters who had been frustrated by his previous assertions that his views on the hot-button social issue were ‘evolving,’” AP writes. “Women, young people and gay voters all made up crucial voting blocs for Obama in the 2008 election. With the president locked in a close race with Republican rival Mitt Romney, his campaign is focused on rallying support among those groups once again.”

“Roughly half of Americans (52%) say Barack Obama’s expression of support for gay marriage did not affect their opinion of the president. A quarter (25%) say they feel less favorably toward Obama because of this while 19% feel more favorably,” Pew writes.