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Obama: First lady hits the 'Daily Show'

NBC’s Carrie Dann reports: Appearing on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart last night, the First Lady didn't directly address her husband's drug use in his youth, but she did describe him "buckling down" after the death of his father. Asked by Stewart about recent reports that sound like "a Cheech and Chong movie," Mrs. Obama said that by the time her husband transferred to Columbia University, "like so many young people he realized that he could do more with his life ... I think when he lost his father that was one of those click-in moments, and he really buckled down."

“[A] health insurance tax credit for small businesses, part of President Barack Obama's health care law that gets strong support in public opinion polls, has turned out to be a disappointment,” AP writes. “Time-consuming to apply for and lacking enough financial reward to make it attractive, the credit was claimed by only 170,300 businesses out of a pool of as many as 4 potentially eligible million companies in 2010. That's put the Obama administration in the awkward position of asking Congress to help fix the problems by allowing more businesses to qualify and making it simpler to apply. But Republicans who run the House say they want to repeal what they call ‘Obamacare,’ not change it.”