Obama at G-7 Leaves Iraq’s Prime Minister Abadi Hanging

Awkward: The Problem of Attracting Presidential Attention 1:20

Talk about an awkward moment: Iraq's prime minister found himself literally edged out by a trio of world leaders including President Barack Obama on Monday.

Obama — who is in Germany for the G-7 summit — was chatting with Italy's prime minister and the managing director of the IMF when Iraqi Prime Minister Hayder al-Abadi sidled up and took a seat on their bench.

In a cringe-worthy encounter captured on video, Obama and the other leaders appear to be unaware of the Iraqi leader's presence.

When the three leaders stood up, Abadi followed suit — checking his watch as he appears to try getting a word in before giving a slight shrug and wandering away.

The threat of ISIS militants wreaking havoc in Abadi's nation has been one of the topics under discussion at the two-day gathering.