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Obama: The old college try

“As college students return to campus, President Barack Obama’s campaign will be there waiting for them,” the AP writes. “Obama aides sees college campuses as fertile ground for registering and recruiting some of the more than 15 million young people who have become eligible to vote since the 2008 election. As Republicans hold their party convention in Florida this week, the president will make a personal appeal to college voters in three university towns: Ames, Iowa; Fort Collins, Colo.; and Charlottesville, Va. Obama’s victory four years ago was propelled in part by his overwhelming support among college-aged voters, and polls show him leading Republican rival Mitt Romney with that group in this year’s race. But the president faces an undeniable challenge as he seeks to convince young people that he is the right steward for the economy as they eye a shaky postgraduation job market.”

The DNC is out with a video, entitled, “Mitt Romney: You Didn’t Build That – You Destroyed It.” It focuses on his time at Bain Capital.