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Obama: Seeing what sticks

“In rapid-fire fashion, Mr. Obama’s Chicago headquarters has been auditioning a series of negative narratives that might disqualify the Republican as a legitimate alternative to sit in the Oval Office: Mr. Romney as corporate raider at Bain Capital, Mr. Romney as enemy of women, Mr. Romney as friend of the birther movement,” the New York Times writes. “Now, add to that list: Mr. Romney as failed governor. In a detailed memo released Wednesday night by David Axelrod, Mr. Obama’s senior campaign strategist, the campaign argues that Mr. Romney’s time as governor of Massachusetts provides no legitimate basis for him to ascend to the presidency.”

“The most authoritative examination of this question would be by the experienced budget analysts at the CBO or the Office of Management and Budget. We continue to find it curious that the White House would rely on the work of bloggers for budgetary analysis rather than the career employees who do this for a living,” the Washington Post’s fact checker writes.

“The White House has apologized for President Obama’s reference to a ‘Polish death camp’ during Tuesday’s Medal of Freedom ceremony, but Polish officials remain offended, seeking a ‘stronger, more pointed’ retraction,” the Boston Globe says.

Picture day… “President Obama meets with two of the few people who truly understand the burdens of his job: Former presidents. Predecessors George W. Bush and George H.W. Bush are both at the White House today,” USA Today writes. “The occasion: The unveiling of the formal portrait of George W. and former first lady Laura Bush. The Bushes and members of their families first have lunch with Obama. The portrait ceremony is the early afternoon.”

A Kaiser Family Foundation poll finds support for the health-care law has dropped five points this month to a net-negative favorable rating of 37%/44%. But defunding the law is very unpopular with 58% saying they disagree with cutting off funding as a way to stop the law’s implementation.