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Obama talks Bain, the raw version

The NBC station in Norfolk, Virginia posted the unedited version of their recent interview with President Obama. The president told reporter Andy Fox he won't apologize for calling rival Mitt Romney an outsourcer and explained why Bain matters. Good Q&A, here's one of the highlights:

Q: Your campaign has criticized Romney and Bain Capital outsourcing jobs, which increases unemployment. You have been criticizing him for that, but he says that did not happen on his watch at Bain and he’s asked for you to apologize. Will you apologize and if not, why not?

President Obama: "Because the issue here... is... (Andy: "So you won't be apologizing?") No, we won’t be apologizing and you know, sometimes these games are played during political campaigns. Understand what the issue is here. Mr. Romney claims he is Mr. Fix It for the economy because of his business experience, and so I think voters entirely legitimately want to know well what exactly was that business experience?