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Obama: What is Mitt hiding?

The Obama campaign is out with a new ad it say is running in Pennsylvania that focuses on Romney not releasing his tax returns. Here’s the script: “Tax havens, offshore accounts, carried Interest -- Mitt Romney has used every trick in the book. Romney admits that over the last two years he's paid less than 15% in taxes on $43 million in income. Makes you wonder if some years he paid any taxes at all. We don't know because Romney has released just one full year of his tax returns. And won't release anything before 2010.  Mitt Romney: You know what, I've put out as much as we're gonna put out. What is Mitt Romney hiding?”

Today… “Obama will start his Texas trip with a fundraising event at the Henry B. Gonzales Convention Center in San Antonio for a fundraiser hosted by actress Eva Longoria, San Antonio Mayor Julian Castro, U.S. Rep. Charlie Gonzales and others. The president will attend a second fundraising event while in town,” USA Today writes. “Obama then heads to Austin Tuesday afternoon for a fundraiser hosted by the LGBT Leadership Council. The event will be headlined by the singer-songwriter Jerry Jeff Walker, and tickets range in price from $250 per person to $7,500 per couple. He later will head to another fundraising event hosted by Tom Meredith, Dell's former finance chief. The Austin American-Statesman reported last week that campaign officials believe he can break a fundraising record with the biggest single-day haul in Texas political history.”

Yesterday…  “President Obama put a new spin on his attack on Mitt Romney as an ‘outsourcer,’ citing a new commentary in a campaign speech today that suggests that his rival's policies will lead to American jobs shifting overseas,” USA Today writes, adding, “Speaking at a town hall-style meeting in Cincinnati, Obama referenced the analysis by Reed College columnist Kimberly Clausing in Tax Notes that found Romney's support for changes in the territorial tax system would "increase employment in low-tax countries by about 800,000 jobs."

The Wall Street Journal looks at some of the lighter moments from yesterday’s town hall with the president, including talking haircuts and Girl Scout cookies.

“President Obama's health care law is constitutional as a tax — but only a small percentage of Americans will pay more, a USA TODAY analysis of federal data shows. Though the law is projected to raise more than $800 billion in taxes, fees and penalties over a decade, 40% comes from about 3.5 million households with adjusted gross incomes above $200,000. Employers, insurers and health care providers are slated to fork over much of the rest. That leaves only a few taxes that will fall partially on middle-income taxpayers.”

Hillary Clinton has traveled to more countries than any other U.S. Secretary of State. “Since becoming secretary of state in 2009, Clinton has logged 351 days on the road, traveled to 102 countries and flown a whopping 843,839 miles, according to the State Department,” AP reports. “While some previous secretaries may have flown more miles -- mainly due to shuttling back and forth to the Mideast on peace missions -- none has visited more nations. Clinton broke that record last month, eclipsing Madeleine Albright's total of 98, when she traveled to Finland for number 99 and then hit the 100 mark in Latvia. Not content, she tacked on another two countries -- Mongolia and Laos, where she was the first secretary of state to visit in 57 years and only the second ever -- on her latest trip. And she has another six months to go before she reaches her self-imposed deadline to step down and take a breather.”

She just returned from a France-Afghanistan-Japan-Mongolia-Vietnam-Laos-Cambodia-Egypt-Israel trip.

It took two takes for the president and first lady to get a “Kiss Cam” right at a USA Basketball Exhibition in DC last night – with the crowd’s urging.