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'Obama's Last Stand' offers a snapshot of the White House's present and future

Obama "feels that he's the only thing standing between the United States—and the future health of the country, both economically and morally—and this tremendous wave of corporate spending and conservative judicial activism that Romney represents," said Politico's Glenn Thrush on Monday's Hardball. Thrush is the author of the new ebook, Obama's Last Stand, which details the climate within the president's inner circle in the run up to Election Day.

Among the revelations: Obama personally dislikes Romney and Biden might be contemplating another presidential run in 2016.

"I think the White House was a little taken aback by how independent Biden is," said Evan Thomas, the editor of the book. "He's mostly a good soldier, but he's not always a good soldier, and he's got a big mouth."

Biden was "jumping the gun" when he announced his support for gay marriage in May, said Thrush, which "really ticked off the West Wing." But Thrush also said he'd been told by "Obama people" that Biden "would be pretty stupid not to consider" a run for the presidency. "The vice presidency still has some currency, and Biden has had ... a pretty good run of it," he said. Gaffes aside, that is.

Asked if Biden could end up running against Hillary Clinton in the 2016 primary, Thrush said, "I frankly don't think it would come down to a Biden-Hillary thing."