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Obama's motivation to quit smoking

Michelle Obama discussed her husband's decision to finally give up the cigarette habit in a revealing new interview with iVillage. She said their daughters, Malia and Sasha, served as his ultimate motivation.

"It wasn't the presidency, it wasn't the pressure from me, it wasn't even his health, because he wasn't a big smoker," explained the first lady. President Obama never puffed away in front of the kids, but he wanted to set a better example before looking "his girls in the eye" and giving them the no-smoking lecture. "They played an important role in him finally saying, 'I've gotta get this done'... he credits them with that."

"They are at the age now where you can't hide, it's clear," said the first lady, relaxing with her feet kicked up on the couch in the East Wing. The first lady said these conservations have prompted other heart-to-heart talks within the family. "We talk about drugs. We talk about sex. We talk about smoking. We talk about it all."

MObama, a noted health and fitness buff, has championed the "Let's Move" childhood health initiative during her time in the White House. 

The Obamas' recent trend of giving more personal lighthearted interviews seems to be playing out well with voters. The latest NBC Wall Street Journal poll shows when it comes to the question of which candidate is more likeable, Obama leads Romney by a whopping 35 points, 58 to 23 percent.