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Office Secret Santa: 13 gifts under $20

Starbucks gift cards never go out of style, but why not stuff that stocking with something snazzy? Bargain huntress Merisa Fink has curated a baker’s dozen of gifts sure to bring holiday cheer to any cubicle no matter your budget or business.

The quiet girl who wears headphones all day — Lober’s Wired Earmuffs

For the frosty gal who wears her headphones to deflect chatting as much as to listen to music, this fuzzy accessory may warm up more than just her ears ($19.99,

The office busybody — Keyboard Stickers

Similar to your water-cooler yenta, this colorful keyboard cover says a lot, is loud, fun, and you don’t need to press too hard to get her goods ($7.50,

The boss — Golf Scorecard Keeper

He’s already keeping score in the office he might as well do it on the putting green too. With this gift, you may even rack up a few extra points of your own ($10,

The office manager or birthday captain — Whatever Banner Kit

She orders the cakes and sends around the covert emails to meet in the conference room. If not for her efforts, you’d never have even spoken to the IT guy, let alone snagged an invitation to his Game of Thrones viewing party. Throw her a bone — in the form of a banner ($8.95,

The back from maternity leave mom — Coby 7 inch Digital Picture Frame

She’d much rather gaze at looping photos of her little one than have to stare at your mug from 9 to 5. And if you really want to get on her good side, ask how the little tike slept last night ($19.98 (Originally $49.99)

The take out food guy — TakeOut Menu Organizer

Mexican Mondays? Thai Tuesdays? Whopper Wednesdays? This famished fella may know the pizza place’s number by heart but having this fancy folder on his desk will make him feel snazzy nonetheless ($20,

The fastidious lunch packer — Dine Ink Pen Utensil Set

This stocking stuffer takes the cake for design creativity and then writes about it too. Your co-worker is multitasking for a living why shouldn’t her cutlery ($8.95,

The germaphobe — Tech Gloves

If you’ve noticed this person opening doors with their shirtsleeve, disinfecting their workstation religiously and visibly upset if someone uses their mug, tech gloves are a kind gesture. Gift them under the guise of warmth. They’ll be so grateful they’ll want to shake your hand but only with their gloves on ($14,

The minimizing-the-Facebook-window-when-someone-walks-by girl — Instabook

The first step of dealing with social media addiction is admitting you have a problem… or, getting a photo album to memorialize it ($20,

The neat pile maker — File Bands

These handy bands will soon be the envy of the office, and before you know it everyone will want in on the trend. Manila folders: watch your backs ($5.50, box of 25,

Your work husband — Concealed Knife Socks

You spend more time with him than you do your real husband. Your relationship is kind of funny, covert and you’re a pair that is potentially dangerous couched as something soft and harmless. Why not get the socks to match ($17.99, originally $24,

The over-sharer — White Silicone Horn Stand Speaker

He moved in with his girlfriend — everyone heard about it. He went to a game at the new stadium — everyone heard about it. He had a great fish sandwich for lunch — everyone heard about it. He loves a new band — you might as well facilitate it ($4.99, 

The caffeine junky — Portable Drink Klip

Sometimes too much caffeine can leave even the coolest characters jittery. Prevent any café-caused faux pas with this clippable, sippable solution ($9.99, originally $22,


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