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Ok, the court decided. Now what?

Arizona, health care, free speech... there is no Supreme Court decision today so here at the Last Word we're kind of looking for other things to talk about. Sometimes you have to start going down the list of things that likely would never make it into our rundown.

Can you imagine us booking Howard Fineman and E.J. Dionne to talk about Steven Soderbergh and Channing Tatum making "Magic Mike" into a musical? (That really is happening apparently.) There's always some new Kardashian drivel. (Which MSNBC Political Analyst would be best to discuss couple's laser treatments?) And then there's news of Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise's divorce announcement? Who should we book to talk about that? David Cay Johnston and Steve Kornacki? Probably not. We'll let them stick to policy and politics. I wonder if Oprah is available?