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Olympics site lists Romney as Bain CEO

Mitt Romney has been avoiding the mystery surrounding his 15 year (or potentially longer) tenure with Bain Capital, and has called the controversy's findings a diversion from the election's real issues. However, his answers, starting last Friday with TV networks, have proven to become further fodder for his unsteady stance on what voters consider as "the real issues." 

Romney told NBC's Peter Alexander that he had no involvement with the management of Bain Capital after February of 1999, and that he purposefully left the firm to run the Salt Lake City Winter Olympics. Although public records have suggested otherwise, Romney has dug himself into a deeper hole by having his campaign explain away his signed documents. 

Today, Buzzfeed reportedly uncovered a screengrab from the Salt Lake Olympic's website, listing Romney as "the founder and CEO of Bain Capital" in his bio. They went even further to find a video from February of 2000, where he was introduced again as "the founder and CEO of Bain Capital" at the National Press Club. 

The Romney campaign will undoubtedly attempt to come up with more explanations for Romney's involvement with Bain, but there's no arguing with the Internet.