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One More Thing...

Here are some lingering thoughts from today's panelists.

From NBC's Deputy Political Editor Domenico Montanaro:

One other thing… Colorado congressman Coffman could be facing a tough fight for reelection. Democrats now have a candidate -- state Rep. Joe Miklosi and, more importantly, as Democrats point out the district moves from 46.8% for Obama to 54.4% for Obama. It will be one on the list if Democrats want to take over the House. One thing that insulates Coffman a bit is he has a solid amount of money in the bank. And he might need it.

From MSNBC and The Grio's Perry Bacon:

One additional note about Tim Pawlenty, who we all agree seems a very likely vice-presidential choice. I wonder: can he attack?  He struggled to deliver a blow against Romney last year in one of the debates. He doesn't seem a natural attack dog, one of the primary roles of a vp nominee.

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