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Opposite Day: GOP campaign calls on Democrat to release more tax returns

Comic-book fans certainly know of Bizarro Superman, and "Seinfeld" aficionados are more than familiar with Bizarro Jerry -- references to characters who are mirror images (and thus exact opposites) of the hero/protagonist.

Today, we introduce you to Bizarro Obama vs. Romney: Republican Massachusetts Sen. Scott Brown calling on Democrat Elizabeth Warren to release six years of her tax returns. That, of course, appears to be the exact opposite situation where the Democrats and President Obama's campaign are calling on Republican Mitt Romney to release his tax returns prior to 2010.

As the Boston Globe reports:

Republican US Senator Scott Brown plans to publicly release six years worth of returns later this week, his campaign said today in a letter that puts pressure on challenger Elizabeth Warren to do the same.

And the Brown campaign released this statement:

"It doesn't take a Harvard Law degree to see through Elizabeth Warren's game of cat and mouse and know she has something to hide. Whether she is concealing other big corporate clients like Travelers Insurance, which paid her enormous sums to fight against victims of asbestos poisoning, covering up sketchy financial transactions, or simply masking that she may take advantage of tax breaks she criticizes others for, Warren's nuanced refusal to disclose the tax years 2006 and 2007 exposes her hypocrisy when it comes to transparency in government."

The Warren campaign says that she'll release four years of her tax returns.

Yet this call by the Brown campaign might also pressure on Romney, who has released his tax returns for 2010 and who has filed an extension on his 2011 taxes.


Both Romney and Brown share the same top communications adviser, Eric Fehrnstrom, who was the Romney aide who made the now-famous "Etch A Sketch" remark.

The Romney campaign wouldn't comment for attribution on this story. But a Republican strategist, who's not affiliated with the Romney camp, admits to First Read that this Brown strategy is "awkward" for the former Massachusetts governor and his campaign.
But the strategist adds that it's also awkward for Warren, as well as top Democrats who have attacked Romney on this issue but who are backing Warren.

"I have a lot of quotes from Chuck Schumer attacking Mitt Romney" over his tax returns, the Republican says. "There are two ways to look at it."

The Warren campaign says that its move to release four years of tax returns -- instead of six -- is consistent with the Democrats' call for Romney to release 10 year's worth, since both reflect the amount of time that Warren and Romney have been either in public service or running for office.