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In our August 12 show, a new look at Paul Ryan

"Biggest secret in politics"? Maybe for some, but for about 36 hours now, well before he was introduced, we've known that Rep. Paul Ryan on Wisconsin is Mitt Romney's choice of running mate. (For a little more than 24, those suckered into giving up their personal information so they could have the news "broken" via iPhone app have known about the choice. Unless they were watching NBC News.)

We'll have much more on the blog later tonight about the Ryan pick, but you'd be amiss if you missed Melissa's one-of-a-kind take on Ryan and the politics of the selection on our special-edition show today, which airs at 11:00am ET for an hour only. (We'll be back to our regular two hours next Saturday and Sunday.) I don't even want to tease Melissa's take too much, but suffice to say, it's unique. Our guests will include:

  • Rep. Chris Van Hollen (R-MD), ranking member of the House Budget Committee which Rep. Ryan chairs.
  • Rob Zerban, Ryan's Democratic opponent in the Wisconsin congressional race (he's still running).
  • Joy Reid, managing editor of theGrio, and an MSNBC contributor.
  • Raul Reyes, attorney and NBC Latino contributor.
  • Ari Melber, correspondent for The Nation, and a former national staffer for John Kerry's campaign in 2004. Also an MSNBC contributor.

As always, folks -- be sure to interact with us during the show here in the comments of this post, on Facebook, and on Twitter, using the hashtag #nerdland. We look forward to having you join us at 10am ET on msnbc!