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Pack of bikers arrested on Long Island for speeding recklessly, police say

NEW YORK — Seven motorcyclists were arrested on reckless driving charges on Long Island on Sunday, and dozens more were issued citations, authorities said.

Dozens of 911 callers reported that the pack of bikers and ATV operators estimated to number from 20 to 50 were speeding and driving recklessly between 3 p.m. and 4 p.m., according to the Suffolk County Police Department.

Police from two precincts pursued the pack of bikers before making arrests and issuing summonses. Several of the arrests were for fleeing police and leaving the scene of an accident.

In addition to the seven bikers arrested for reckless driving, another pack of 30 was arrested for trespassing after gathering on county property.

Earlier this month, Suffolk County PD made seven arrests for a pack of bikers on Columbus Day driving at high speeds on the Long Island Expressway. Speeds in a chase with two police cruisers reached 90 mph at one point. One of the bikes pulled over that day had "Let me guess ... License and Registration" painted on the side.

Both of these incidents follow a widely publicized biker attack in New York, in which the driver of an SUV was surrounded and later beaten by a pack of bikers in Manhattan. An undercover New York Police Department officer who took part in the ride has been charged, along with several other off-duty officers.

Daniel Arkin of NBC News contributed to this report.