Pakistani Migrant Saves Carnival Reveler From Rhine River in Krefeld Uerdingen

Mainz, Germany — A "selfless" migrant jumped to the rescue of a Carnival reveler who fell into the Rhine River while relieving himself, police in western Germany said Monday.

Police in the city of Krefeld Uerdingen said the heroic act took place following a traditional Carnival parade on Sunday.

A 21-year-old Pakistani migrant saw the 20-year-old local go into the river and told a friend to call for emergency services while he "selflessly jumped into the river and pulled the man out,” police said in a statement.

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Both men emerged from the waters unharmed, the statement added. It did not identify either man.

Germany lately has been experiencing a wave of anti-foreigner sentiment and backlash over it's open-arms refugee policy.

More than 80,000 revellers attended the traditional “Tulip Sunday Parade” in Krefeld Uerdingen on Sunday. Police said that the parade went “mostly smoothly” but that excessive alcohol consumption lead to several police operations.

On Monday, several major Carnival parades in the Rhineland region — including Duesseldorf and Mainz — had to be cancelled due to an expected storm with gusts of up to 62 miles per hour.