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Paul Ryan, a true believer, will easily eclipse Mitt Romney with RNC delegates

Tonight, Congressman Paul Ryan takes the stage at the Republican National Convention, and for at least the second Republican Convention in a row, the vice presidential candidate will eclipse the presidential candidate, in substance if not necessarily in style.

When Sarah Palin gave her big speech four years ago, her delivery was so good, her speech was so biting but with just the right amount of humor, it had Democrats running scared.  But not for long. 

It only took a couple actual interviews, including the infamous one with Katie Couric, to render the truth about Sarah Palin.  Scratch the surface, get more surface.

Paul Ryan is another story.  He may not wow the delegates the way Sarah Palin did, but he is arguably the future of the Republican party (with Mitt Romney, as Politico notes, the placeholder, whether he wins the presidency or not).

Does anyone really believe Mitt Romney believes what he says, or does he instead veer towards the political base that he thinks will get him elected. 

Paul Ryan, on the other hand, is a true believer, and in that sense will easily eclipse Romney with those RNC delegates.

Ryan is the man who will end Medicare as we know it.  Ryan is the one who would actually go through with true draconian budget cuts – the kind never before seen in this country.

Ryan would do it as president and would push a President Romney to do it.  The two of them reportedly get into “wonky” conversations on their bus rides together, talking about what they would do in office.

Ryan is one of the leaders of the next generation of Republicans, and the delegates are frothing at the mouth for the real thing, because they know in their hearts Romney isn’t it.

-Carey Fox, Segment Producer