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Pic from Kreep country: Buy your soul back in November

@triumph61 sends this photo from Ramona, California, stomping grounds of San Diego County's newly elected birther judge, Gary Kreep. As Kreep tells the local press, it's maybe not surprising that he won. North County Times writes:

In an email he sent Friday evening to his supporters to announce the final ---- though unofficial ---- count, Kreep ended it with: "Rachel Maddow, The Daily Beast, The Daily Kos, and numerous other lefties are VERY unhappy that I won."

Actually, digging around in Kreep's very current birther activism might be kinda fun. Kreep, a leading birther attorney, expects to take the bench in January. Until then, he tells North County Times, "I'm still going to be involved in the funky cases I get involved in all the time."

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