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Police: Adult 'provoked' small children to fight on camera

Authorities in California are trying to identify the people responsible for a video that showed two young children fighting.

In the video, titled "My nephew messed him up for picking on his home boy," two boys are seen kicking, punching and choking each other while an adult shooting the video eggs them on.

An adult voice in the video can be heard saying, "Get off the ground, Charlie."

The video ends when a child breaks up the fight.

Someone found the video -- first posted on Facebook -- and reported it to the San Bernardino County Sheriff's Department.

Sheriff's officials said it appeared the kids were being "provoked by an adult."

“What’s most disturbing is that there are adults nearby that are not stopping it,” department spokesperson Cindy Bachman, "The adults that are seen in the video are not setting any kind of example for these children."

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"It’s our responsibility -- if we have information, if we know who these people are -- to call in."

The location of the fight and the time it was taken were unknown.

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