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'Portal' theater is space bendingly awesome

\"Portal\" hits the stage.
\"Portal\" hits the stage.

That's it. The only thing I love more than the "Portal" games themselves is this live-action theatrical production of, well, "Portal."

Check out this all-too-short skit showing off real-live portals in action. The staged performance was part of FanimeCon 2011 which took place in San Jose, Calif., over the weekend.

This gets me thinking. Perhaps the next stop could be "Portal: The Broadway Production"?  Then again, considering the fate of "Spider-Man's" Broadway debut ... maybe not.

But speaking of what dedicated "Portal" fans can do when they put their creative minds to it ... check out the following fan-made "Portal" short film called "Outside Aperture."

As co-director Eisen Feuer explains, the short picks up where "Portal 1" left off.  "We took the liberty of creating a fan film under the assumption that Chell lived to escape the Aperture Science Labrotories, and must now face life out in the real world. She finds an abandoned house, still stocked with food, and begins a new life with her trusty Portal Gun at her side."

Yeah, that back scratching bit ... I would totally use a Portal gun to do that.

(Thanks to Kotaku for the heads up.)

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