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Post Show Thoughts: Analyzing the Colorado Theater Shooting

It was a somber Meet the Press this morning just 48 hours after the country witnessed the horrible tragedy of the shooting in Colorado. 

The suspect, James Holmes, is in police custody and Gov. John Hickenlooper (D-CO) acknowledged this morning that Holmes is "at this point not cooperative."

The governor, when talking about the alleged shooter, did not mince words. He described Holmes as being "demonic" and "twisted" adding that he was "almost as a terrorist."

From a law enforcement perspective, the lone gunman scenario has always been a big concern. Former LAPD Chief Bill Bratton explained, "That single individual who operates below the radar. ... It remains the most difficult [scenario] to try and deal with."

Politics, for the most part, halted on Friday out of respect for the victims in Colorado, but the campaign will come back shortly as Mitt Romney presumably is preparing to announce his Vice Presidential pick.  

Our roundtable helped break down Romney's options as well as some of the bigger moments that still lay ahead in the campaign. 

You can watch the full discussion on our website. 

Meet the Press will be off the air for two weeks in light of NBC's coverage of the Olympic games in London.

If it's Sunday, it's Meet the Press.