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Post Show Thoughts: Gingrich squares off with O'Malley

Former Republican presidential candidate Newt Gingrich re-affirmed his support for Mitt Romney this morning saying he is "totally committed" to helping Romney win the White House.

Gingrich also critiqued President Obama's recent campaign strategy of attacking Romney's economic record as well as his time at Bain Capital.

"This is a little bit like the reverse of James Carville in '92," the former House Speaker said. "Obama picking a fight on the economy is probably the worst possible strategy for his campaign."

Maryland Governor Martin O'Malley, a supporter of President Obama, attempted to contrast the President's record with Mitt Romney's.

"What the leader of the whole economy must be concerned about is not the short-term return of profits to a few, but a long-term economy that creates jobs for the many."

O'Malley, a man often mentioned as a possible 2016 presidential candidate received advice this morning from Newt Gingrich about how to prepare for a run for the nation's highest office.

"Raise a lot of money," Gingrich advised.

Our roundtable broke down the ground rules for the campaign and tried to answer the question: What is fair game in this election.

With personal attacks coming from both campaigns, David Brooks contended that it's likely to get worse, "Both people in both campaigns are going to get their juices flowing, and they're going to take meaner and meaner shots."

You can watch our entire program on our website including a special discussion with two sought-after commencement speakers and their advice for the class of 2012: Maria Shriver, and best-selling author Michael Lewis.

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