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Pre-caffeine tech: Apple rules, Derby hats drool

Google is no longer the world's most valuable brand. Guess who is? Go on! Guess! OK, it's Apple.

You thought I was going to say Facebook, didn't you? As it turns out, Facebook is driving an increasing amount of traffic to news site (through links users post and whatnot) but Google is still No. 1 in that arena ... for now.

Speaking of Google, today's Doodle celebrates the birthday of Mr Men creator Roger Hargreaves. You may remember his work in your guidance counselor's office.

Speaking of Facebook, it's making kids depressed. Still.

In fact, most all technology may be destroying your life. Here's how.

HP's newest laptop won't burn your lap and it comes with a bargain mobile data plan ... so there's that.

Also, kids and grandparents are connecting through technology like never before.

And here's how to check your car for a GPS tracker maybe put there by the FBI.

That's a skill you can use, seeing as the domestic surveillance court approved 100 percent of warrant requests in 2010.

And in ridiculous hat news, here's 20 from the 2011 Kentucky Derby.