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Pre-caffeine tech: Crime, both online and off

via BuzzFeed

Hey! Did you guys know if you're one of the millions of smartphone users who've downloaded scanner apps with names like iScanner, PoliceStream and 5-0 Radio Police Scanner, you could totally get arrested?

Also in cellphone crime news: Forgetfulness, tracking software and a case of mistaken cellphone identity led a kids' baseball umpire to hunt down and punch a man he mistook to be an iPhone thief.

Oh! And a South Florida man was so upset over a Facebook account, he attacked his 86-year-old grandmother!

Meanwhile, Amazon is striking back at Barnes & Noble's new, cheaper Nook with an ad-laden version of its Kindle 3G e-reader, which has wireless service for downloading books and costs $164. It includes on-screen ads and is $25 cheaper than the standard Kindle 3G.

A piece of malware which specifically targets Mac users is making its way around the Internet and Apple's finally doing something do something about it.

Meanwhile, malicious Mario and Luigi are out to get your data via unauthorized "Super Mario" apps for Google's Chrome Web Store.

Don't forget to wish YouTube a Happy 6th birthday today! You know what's better than 3 million views? Three billion views — which is what YouTube now gets daily.

This is cool: You can now hear JFK fret over the moon program and its lost "glamour" on an 1963 recording that echos the current debate over the space program.

Also, this: "As promised, Reddit user xtcg123 responded to Harold Camping's billboard campaign proclaiming the Rapture with a billboard campaign of his own in Greensboro, NC."