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Pre-caffeine tech: Facebook hacks, Rebecca black

What's the best way for a hacker to attack Facebook users?  A new survey shows an old-fashioned method works pretty well.  One out of every five male social network users admits they'll accept any friend request that comes from a woman -- even if that woman is a complete stranger.

Meanwhile, malicious Facebook app developers seem to be focusing on spreading their malware using the social networks' chat feature right now. Here's how they're doing it and how to keep yourself safe.

Oh, and if you're contemplating divorce, you best beware social networks.

Speaking of social networks, LinkedIn now has more than 100 million members.

Meanwnile, Apple is suing over the App Store trademark.

And Amazon is slamming Lendle, the Kindle book-lending service.

The NYTimes paywall limit has extended from Google to "all major search engines."

When it comes to online censorship, China ain't playin'.

Thanks to Ryan Seacrest, that Rebecca Black the Internet claims to hate so much now has an official Twitter account.

In closing, here are the 30 best passive-agressive refrigerator notes...EVER!