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Pre-caffeine tech: Google freakouts, Apple's hidden messages

Eric Schmidt, a technology veteran brought in as Google Inc.'s "adult supervision" a decade ago and sayer of creepy things, is handing over his CEO job to Larry Page, one of the prodigies who co-founded the Internet's dominant (pre-Facebook) gateway.

Just how imporant is Google in the way we live now? This lady used it to solve her own kidnapping!

Meanwhile: Google couldn't buy Groupon, so it's cloning Groupon.

More importantly -- at least in the minds of freaked-out Google users -- Google replaced reader links with photos. Apparently, that's an issue.

In Facebook news, Katy Perry visited the social network's Palo Alto headquarters -- though nobody seems to know why.

Well the world doesn't revolve around Facebook you know -- here's what the rest of the world uses for social networking.

Verizon is now advertising its long-awaited iPhone and also suing the FCC over net neutrality. Way to multitask!

In the world of Apple iObjects, iPad 2 is shipping in April, and iPhone 5 may be here by summer.

Also, there are creepy hidden messages in Apple's icons, apparently.

News of the paper phone book's imminent death has not been greatly exaggerated.

P.S. : Amy Poehler is good at everything -- including teen modeling!

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