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Pre-caffeine tech: Myth Busters, Android clusters

via Buzzfeed

Verizon Wireless customers who tried to pay their bills online last week may have been hit by an ingenious, almost undetectable hacker attack aimed at stealing their identities. Here's what you need to know.

Angry Birds, the most popular paid-for game in the Apple App Store's four-year history, just passed 200 million downloads.

Why the U.S. Secret Service has an active Twitter account, who knows, but for whatever reason, they seem to have accidentally tweeted their distaste for FOX News.

BTW: Twitter is now as large as the entire U.S.

We love both Android and iOS, but the open nature of Android means it can do things others just can't.

A new product grants instant storage to iPad, iPhone or any Wi-Fi-enabled device with a Web browser. Here's how well it works, especially with those iDevices.

It's easy for facts to get lost in the screaming back and forth between Android lovers and iPhone fanboys, but there are key differences that can be discussed without all the rhetoric. Join us at 3 p.m. ET/ noon PT to chat live.

Federal labor regulators say a New York nonprofit illegally fired five employees after they went on Facebook to criticize working conditions.

Good news for those who thought their copies of Playboy were gone forever when their moms found them and threw them away -- they're all online!  

 In closing, please enjoy 25 examples of Mythbusters fan art ... and keep in mind, there is oh so much more. (Thanks Internet!)