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Pre-caffeine tech: Science news, Rapture blues

Happy Post-Rapture Monday! Like you, failed prophet Harold Camping is "flabbergasted" the world did not end.

Speaking of religion, don't call them fanboys, call them acolytes! The cult of Apple is real, according to Science!

Speaking of Apple and predictions — so far we've heard that the iPhone 5 might be announced in the fall of this year, that it might be huge, and that it might have an 8-megapixel camera. Now we're hearing that it might incorporate a fancy curved cover glass.

Speaking of Science, here's what it has to say about OKCupid's mathematical dating advice.

Oh, and here we go again. The official website for Sony BMG Greece was hacked and its databases — which include some user data — were dumped onto the Internet.

Meanwhile, credit card companies could stop email spam if they wanted to — so why don't they?

Workers who don't trust the boss to keep track of their wages can now do it themselves with a new app from the Department of Labor.

That one moon movie from 1902 — "Le Voyage Dans La Lune" — got  gets 21st-century facelift thanks to discovery of colorized print.

Women would rather read their lady mags on Nook Color, much to the chagrin of Kindle and iPad.

In closing, feel free to fill out your own "Sorry I Missed You" Rapture card.