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Pre-caffeine tech: Twitter shame, zombie presidents!

Jeremy Plemon via BuzzFeed

Our pre-caffeine roundup is a collection of the hottest, strangest, and most amusing stories of the morning. Here's everything that you need to know before taking that first sip of coffee today.

How do you get the word out about a boycott of Twitter when it's Twitter that's needed to get the word out? It was tough, especially in the case of the hastily organized one for Saturday meant to protest the site's new policy of censoring certain tweets, or posts, in some countries.

Speaking of which, turns out, teens like Twitter for privacy. Whether they lock their Twitter accounts or not, many teens use pseudonyms on the social network, so that only their friends know who they are.

Oh, and if you're a young guy from the U.K. on your way to visit the U.S., don't tweet about coming here to "destroy America, not even as a joke.

Meanwhile, in Megaupload news — feds may erase all the data stored there this week.

In Apple news, if you're thinking of boycotting iProducts because of human rights horror happening in its China factories, don't stop there.

As CNet reports, the Apple Foxconn tale goes way beyond Apple, and tech for that matter.

Meanwhile, Facebook, Google and Microsoft are working together to thwart evil web mail phising scams.

In tablet/e-reader news, Kindle Fire is more popular than Android tablets, and Barnes & Nobel is updating Nook.

In an attempt to stanch the flow of consumers leaving digital cameras for their phones to take photos, Sony released its first wave of ultra slim Cyber-shot point-and-shoots that feature 18 megapixel sensors that lessens the "noise" in low-lit scenes and auto-focuses faster.

And with election season upon us, "Etsy artist Jeremy Plemon imagines George Washington, Abe Lincoln, Thomas Jefferson, and founding father Ben Franklin in their respective undead states."

  —  compiled by Helen A.S. Popkin, who invites you to join her on Twitter and/or FacebookAlso, Google+.