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Pre-caffeine tech: Zuck's house, SEAL dogs

Some tech writers would have you believe that a Hello Kitty chainsaw is not an ideal gift for Mother's Day.  I beg to differ.

Hackers are planning a third "major" attack on Sony websites, according to a Cnet report.

Sony insurers will help foot the bill for the data breach — a bill that could exceed $2 billion.

Meanwhile, hacker culture is just getting stronger, says this one guy. He adds that governments and companies would do well to pay attention.

Speaking of dark dealings, gadget buy-back programs are kind of a big scam, turns out.

Apple may dump Intel chips for ARM products, according to a report.

Sounds like "Thor: God of Thunder: The Video Game" is just as crummy as the movie.

Speaking of games, Facebook is looking to pay gamers to watch ads.

Speaking of Facebook and also of money, Mark Zuckerberg bought a nice house.

And Wired broke a major buzzkill — Navy SEAL dogs do not — I repeat — DO NOT — have titanium teeth.