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PRESS Pass: Actor Bill Pullman

Fresh off a visit to White House,  the fictional President of NBC’s “1600 Penn,” Bill Pullman, described what it was like to meet the real thing.

“It’s definitely – kind of the molecules of the air changing a little bit” he said of the moment President Obama entered the room.

Pullman was at White House to screen his new NBC comedy, “1600 Penn,” a fictional look at life in the White House through the eyes of the first family.  Think “Modern Family” meets “West Wing.”

The role is very different than Pullman’s presidential depiction in the 1996 action film “Independence Day.” Here he plays a Marine veteran former governor whose wife passed away after he made his way to the White House and who then ends up marrying his campaign manager, played by Jenna Elfman.

Instead of focusing on politics at the White House, “1600 Penn” looks more at the personal, albeit with a comical twist.

“Josh Gad plays the oldest son, which I think is the real zeitgeist of the times,” Pullman explains. “He’s the one that had the 7-year plan in college, never even finished, comes home -- I bring him home because I want to try to get him on the path -- and that’s really something I think a lot of parents have now, where kids come through college and you’re trying to get them on the path. He’s impossible to get on the path, and he has his own idea of how to make it work.”

In a time when Americans continue to express disappointment over the lack of cooperation in Washington, Pullman’s character is not defined as Democrat or Republican. Pullman, who lives in Montana, sees the crossover of issues as representative of a governor from a western state where you’ll often see politicians taking positions on issues not traditionally associated with their party 

“The great pleasure about this part is that I’m an inclusive president.

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