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PRESS Pass with Anne Marie Slaughter

Title of webcast: PRESS Pass

Title of Story: PRESS Pass with Anne Marie Slaughter

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Date content was originally aired or made available for streaming: July 19, 2012

Exact running time of submission:  14:14

Essay: Watch “Meet the Press” on Sunday, then get your politics fix all week online with PRESS Pass.  Created in April 2011 as an additional venue for “Meet the Press” moderator David Gregory to interview the newsmakers and analysts driving the conversation during the week, PRESS Pass has expanded to give “Meet the Press” viewers an all-access online pass to the stories behind the headlines, plus David’s take on the biggest political events of the week as they’re happening through his blog and video posts. 

Our PRESS Pass online interview series – the first to be created by a Sunday show - features sit downs with such notables as former Secretaries of State Madeline Albright and Condoleezza Rice, JPMorgan Chase CEO Jamie Dimon, Congressman John Lewis, filmmaker Ken Burns, and former California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger.

We’ve also expanded the dialogue with voices our viewers may not hear on a typical Sunday morning: American entertainment icon Bill Cosby, with his thoughts on gun control and the Trayvon Martin shooting case; actor and activist George Clooney, using his celebrity to shine a light on atrocities in Sudan; Olympic gold-medalist Michael Phelps and actor Denzel Washington on supporting children through the Boys and Girls Club of America; and pitching great Jim Abbott on overcoming adversity.

Additionally, the PRESS Pass blog features new and updated “Meet the Press” content throughout the week.  Find out what's trending in news and politics online with our midweek “Meet the Press” Political Trend Tracker posts; get up to speed for Sunday's show with our Sunday Study Guide and the “Meet the Press” Political Minute; watch and read David Gregory's post-show thoughts each Sunday after “Meet the Press;” and check out Monday’s Views on Sunday’s News for a roundup of the news we’re making each Sunday on the show. 

For 65 years, “Meet the Press” has featured headline-making interviews with U.S. newsmakers and world leaders.  Every Sunday morning, millions of Americans tune in to “Meet the Press” to get answers and hear analysis of the week’s political events from noted journalists and experts.  We are proud to be the highest rated, most watched and most quoted Sunday morning public affairs program.  An average of 4 million viewers join us each week to share in a national dialogue about the important issues of our time.

Our classic statement still rings true:  If it’s Sunday, it’s “Meet the Press.”  But now, our viewers can continue the Sunday morning conversation all week long with PRESS Pass.