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PRESS Pass Flashback: Rice wasn't interested in VP job

Mitt Romney's Vice Presidential search is in full swing and one of the names mentioned to be on his short list is former Secretary of State in the Bush Administration, Condoleezza Rice. Watch the above clip from our PRESS Pass interview with Rice in March of this year, to see how she answered when David asked if she would be willing to serve as the number two on the Republican ticket.

DAVID GREGORY: Would you serve on a Republican ticket, if you were asked?
CONDOLEEZZA RICE: David, we've been through this question many times in my--
DAVID GREGORY: I don't remember.
DAVID GREGORY: I’ve asked if you’ll run for President. I never said Number Two
CONDOLEEZZA RICE: I like policy. I will stay out of the politics.
DAVID GREGORY: So you wouldn't serve if you were asked, on a ticket?
CONDOLEEZZA RICE: It's not for me. I love policy, I love public service. I'm very involved in a lot of issues, including this K-12 education issue that Joel Klein and I've been working on.
DAVID GREGORY: I see a little bit of room there, just a little bit of room.
CONDOLEEZZA RICE: And -- David, you must-- you must be listening to somebody else. (LAUGH) No, I'm, I’m awfully happy doing what I'm doing.

Watch David's full interview with Condoleezza Rice from March here.