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PRESS Pass: Jeff Sachs

Economist Jeffrey Sachs thinks President Obama will ultimately have a "mediocre" legacy when it comes to the nation's economy. He argues that the administration unwillingness to address the big, structural problems facing the country. 

"It’s just going to be a mediocre legacy, because we have a mediocre economy and we have not solved the long term problems," Sachs said. "This is going to be a legacy of very little progress on those deeper challenges."

Sachs' new book, To Move The World is a departure from his usual focus on economics and chronicles John F. Kennedy's push for peace with the Soviet Union during the last year of his presidency. 

Sachs focuses on JFK's commencement address at American University in June of 1963 - 50 years ago this month. In that speech, Kennedy called for a new era of peace with the Soviets and, as Sachs, argued "saved the world."

"It is, in my view, the greatest speech by a president in modern times. It changed history. I think arguably it saved the world. It pulled the superpowers back from the nuclear precipice, and it was such a compelling vision that it lead to enormously constructive change."

Watch our entire PRESS Pass conversation with Jeffrey Sachs above to hear more about President Kennedy and how Sachs sees parallels between the Cold War and the challenges America faces today with Iran, North Korea and Syria.