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PRESS Pass: JPMorgan Chase CEO Jamie Dimon

Last Wednesday, one day before news broke that JP Morgan Chase suffered a $2 billion trading loss, David sat down with the company's CEO Jamie Dimon.

In the interview, Dimon highlighted the now-stalled Simpson-Bowles economic plan as a "fabulous road map" to help get the country's fiscal house in order.

Although he is disenchanted about the partisan gridlock in Washington, Dimon hopes that both parties will "split the difference in half" for what he believes is the good of the country.

Moreover, he argues that passing it would have symbolic value. "If we do something like Simpson-Bowles, I think it'll show that America once again can come back."

Dimon, the man once dubbed "America's least-hated Banker," also said he was worried by the amount of negative attention directed at his colleagues on Wall Street during the past three years.

"Finger pointing, scapegoating, yelling and screaming; I've never seen it fix something," Dimon said, later adding, "Not everyone on Wall Street was bad."

However, he believes that the failure of our nation's institutions are what Americans should direct most of their anger.

"Washington and Wall Street are the epicenter.  I blame both of them," Dimon said.

You can watch David's entire interview with JP Morgan Chase CEO Jamie Dimon above to hear more of his thoughts on the economy, and what America can do to speed up recovery.