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PRESS Pass: Kathleen Turner

Actress Kathleen Turner told David Gregory that today’s women’s health care debate “scares the heck” out of her and cast the women’s vote as a possible game-changer in the election:

"I think that women can be to this election what the youth was in 2008."

The actress also condemned the recent “legitimate rape” comments by Rep. Todd Akin, a congressman from her home state of Missouri, but added that she believes that Akin’s views about abortion are widespread among social conservatives across the country.  Turner aims to use her voice as an actress in Washington to draw attention to efforts to defund family planning organizations like Planned Parenthood, a move which she says puts women at risk “in a way they have never been before” when it comes to health care.

The actress was in Washington because she stars in a one-woman show at Arena Stage about Molly Ivins, the late political journalist who famously took Texas politicians like George W. Bush to task in her columns. Turner, who is similarly outspoken in her rebukes of today’s politicians, says she pledges to “keep women awake” as the election progresses. You can watch the full PRESS Pass interview with actress Kathleen Turner above, including more on her portrayal of Ivins – and her reasons for choosing President Obama over Hillary Clinton in 2008.