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PRESS Pass: Rudy Giuliani

Rudy Giuliani dug-in this morning and reaffirmed comments he made earlier this week about Vice President Joe Biden.

"Joe's a laugh line on Jay Leno. He's not a Vice President, just a joke," Giuliani said.  

The former Republican presidential candidate lauded praise on Mitt Romney's VP running mate, Paul Ryan, saying that, even though Giuliani would have preferred Marco Rubio, Ryan was a "bold choice."

In Giuliani's opinion, Ryan's position on medicare might be a liability in the fall. "I’m worried that the gamble might not work; every gamble might not work. ... I believe it'll work. But I can't guarantee that," he said. 

Giuliani also said he understands the Romney campaign's decision to not release more years of tax return documents. The Obama campaign has publicly requested that Governor Romney release at least five years of returns but Giuliani thinks that is not necessary and would only serve as a distraction to voters.

He warned, "If you take 10 years of somebody's tax returns who's made the kind of money that Mitt Romney has, anybody, you can spend 3 months making that person look bad and getting them off-message."

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