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PRESS Pass: Sigourney Weaver

Sigourney Weaver thinks it would be "amazing" if Secretary of State Hillary Clinton runs for president again in 2016. "In four years, maybe we'll be ready for her," Weaver said. "She's certainly ready for us."

Weaver sat down with David for a PRESS Pass interview to promote her upcoming mini-series Political Animals in which her character, Elaine Hammond, has striking similarities to Clinton. Hammond is a former First Lady, who ran for president, lost, and was appointed by her rival to be Secretary of State.

Weaver argues that Elaine is her own woman and says that the character was inspired by "not only the Clintons, but by a lot of the families who've been in the White House."

Speaking of inspiration, Weaver hopes her role will inspire more women to get in to politics.

"One of the reasons I wanted to do this show was to show a woman politician who is so herself and so direct and who brings the kind of female energy to politics that I've seen as a mother." She later continued, "because I do think it might actually encourage more women to run.  We'd be very good.  We'd certainly do as good a job if not better."

She is also not shy about her support of President Obama and her hope that he can accomplish a lot more in a second term. "I do think that if he gets four more years, it's been so frustrating for him and for a lot of his supporters that I think he'll just go for it."

Watch the entire interview with Sigourney Weaver above to hear more about Political Animals and how she thinks President Obama is a political animal himself.