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PRESS Pass: SNL's Fred Armisen and Jason Sudeikis

When it comes to politics and comedy, there’s nothing that compares to the cast, crew, and writers of NBC’s Saturday Night Live. So as the general election gets underway and Mitt Romney emerges as the Republican nominee, we thought we’d bring you a preview an Obama-Romney matchup, Saturday Night Live style.

After nine years and what will be his third election cycle with SNL, veteran Jason Sudeikis thinks politics can be "repetitive."

Sudeikis, who is the late-night comedy program's version of Mitt Romney joked that his candidate is "as bland as bland can be."

"He's like a butter sandwich -- unsalted butter -- and the crust cut off," Sudeikis said during a PRESS Pass interview along with his SNL counterpart Fred Armisen. 

Armisen, who plays President Obama for the show, argues that there's not one specific thing that helps him impersonate the president. Instead, he says, it's a culmination of a lot of little things.

"It's the writing, it’s like the outfit, it's the makeup; it's a lot of things that come together -- even the set -- that make it work."

Sudeikis, in true bipartisan fashion, also plays Vice President Biden on the show. As for his inspiration for Biden? “Joe Biden is like a version of my dad. Just a guy that feels like when he’s talking to you he’s gonna slap you on the back too hard, and you’re just like ‘oh my God!”

Watch David's entire interview with SNL's Fred Armisen and Jason Sudeikis above to hear more about political comedy, and watch their characters make the case for their own re-election.