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PRESS Pass: Steve Case

The one-time young visionary who created America Online now thinks that reforming the nation’s immigration system is key to keeping America on top.

“I don’t view immigration as a problem that we need to solve, I view it as an opportunity that we need to seize. We need to win the battle for talent if we’re going to continue to remain the most entrepreneur nation.”

Case, who co-founded AOL and served on the President's Council on Jobs and Competitiveness, recently testified before Congress about the need for comprehensive immigration reform.

Case, now head of the investment firm Revolution, also talked about the impending sequestration, saying that stalemate in Washington frustrates “everybody, not just the business community.”

“It’s not helpful to the economy; it’s not helpful in terms of building confidence, not just about business in this country, but people all around the world. We have a global market place, global investment. People are sort of puzzled that the United States is not able to deal with some of these issues. So there’s some near-term challenges that need to be dealt with, but the broader issue is trying to figure out some process so the work of the nation can get done in a more responsible, disciplined, kind of a way.”

Watch David's entire interview with Steve Case above to hear more about his thoughts on sequestration and immigration, as well as government’s role in the economy and how he thinks email will fare in the future.