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PRESS Pass: Zeke Emanuel

Bioethicist and healthcare expert Zeke Emanuel believes that major events like the Boston Marathon bombings have a cumulative effect on American psyche.

"One of the things it does is make us probably less open to other people; we become more entrenched in our own views," Emanuel said. 

He continued to say that after the 9/11 attacks, the country became more polarized and that is "the real danger here."

Emanuel is quick to point out, however, that events like these "have a much bigger effect [on the mindset of Americans] than the total actual risk to people." 

Even though they cause the public to become "much more fearful of going out," Emanuel says, "We're actually a much safer people than we were."

Emanuel, whose younger brothers Rahm and Ari are respectively the Mayor of Chicago and an A-list Agent in Hollywood, says that, growing up, these now-famous men were just regular kids. 

"We were not stars by any stretch of the imagination," he said, "We were pretty average."

He thinks that work ethic and attitude were ultimately what led to the trio's individual successes. "We were also trained not to worry what everyone is thinking about you; to do what’s right and to pursue that and to pursue that vigorously."

The former health policy adviser to President Obama also cautioned that the first year of health care reform's full implementation will be "filled with uncertainty." This is mainly because they are not sure how many people will sign up for coverage under the law, and it could lead to increased premiums initially.

However, Emanuel maintains that "Once we see who’s in... health insurance costs are going to moderate," and that, long term, there will be "a lot of positive benefits" from the law.

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