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Principal, secretary lose jobs after being filmed kissing in school

A principal’s intimate classroom encounter with his secretary, secretly filmed by a student, has cost the pair their jobs at a small Arizona charter high school, according to local media reports.

Stephen McClenning resigned earlier this week from his post as principal of The Scholars Academy in Quartzsite, Ariz., a town of 3,650 residents west of Phoenix, according to 3TV in PhoenixAccording to ABC15, also, in Phoenix, the secretary was identified as Billie Madewell. There were conflicting reports on whether Madewell had been fired or resigned, according to local media reports. McClenning and Madewell both had spouses.

Attempts by to contact school officials and district officials were unsuccessful Friday.

The academy’s students told local media on Friday that they were upset to come across the couple kissing at the school, and during school hours. It was unclear from the reports when the encounter occurred.

Myranda Garber, 16, a Scholars Academy student told ABC15 she was the one to tape the classroom kiss.

According to ABC15, Garber said other teens had been in a classroom when they heard noises from the room next door. Garber said they went to check it out and when she couldn’t see what was happening, she pulled out her cell phone to record it.

“We saw their legs, so we knew something was going on, but I never thought I would see it personally,” Garber told ABC15. “It was crazy.”

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Quartzsite parents said they felt betrayed by their school’s leader.

“They're supposed to be role models for our students there," said Cindy Joans, a parent, 3TV reported.

"This is on school campus, with our children present, while they are there, while these two are being paid. They are supposed to be educating our children," said Erin Joslin, another parent, according to 3TV.

According to the school's website, McClenning was in his 12th year as an educator in the Quartzsite community. "I assure you that I will do my best to make sure your child will have the best educational experience possible," he wrote on the site’s “The Principal’s Corner.”

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