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Pro-Romney Super PAC raises $6.4M in Feb., spends twice that amount

CHICAGO -- A report released today by the Federal Election Commission shows that pro-Romney Super PAC Restore our Future raised $6.4 million from just 97 donors in the month of February, while spending nearly twice that amount -- mostly on negative advertisements and mail targeting Romney's GOP rivals.
In total, the group spent $12.2 million last month, when seven nominating contests were held, including an expensive, tightly-fought battle in Michigan.

According to the FEC filing, Restore our Future ended the month with more than $10 million remaining cash on hand.
The largest single donor to the PAC in February was Texas homebuilder Bob Perry, who wrote Restore our Future a single $3-million check. Perry has given millions to Republican candidates and PACs like the Karl Rove-backed American Crossroads. Perry was also a primary financial backer behind the "Swiftboat Veterans for Truth" in 2004.
This fall, Perry wrote a $100,000 check to the Super PAC supporting his home state governor, Rick Perry, before switching his allegiance to Romney. FEC documents show he wrote a $500,000 check to Restore our Future in December.
And while the report shows Restore our Future is financed largely by large donations like Perry's, several small donors stand out. Two separate payday loan and check cashing companies, Advance America and Amscot, each made five-figure donations.
James Walkley of Colorado, who lists his occupation as "unemployed" wrote the group a $250 check.

The smallest donation came from a man named Richard Castalso of Lynnwood, Washington, who donated just $10 dollars on Feb. 6.