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Programming notes

*** Tuesday’s “Daily Rundown” line-up: NBC’s Richard Engel and Sen. Bob Corker (R-TN) on the latest developments regarding Syria… Historian Taylor Branch and the Smithsonian’s Lonnie Bunch on tomorrow’s 50th anniversary of the March on Washington… Detroit mayoral candidate and Wayne County Sheriff Benny Napoleon… Former Rep. Tom Perriello, D-VA, of the Center for American Progress Action Fund, The Atlantic’s Molly Ball and Alfonso Aguilar of the Latino Partnership for Conservative Principles join the Gaggle.

*** Tuesday’s “MSNBC Live with Thomas Roberts” line-up: MSNBC’s Thomas Roberts interviews Rep. Scott Rigell (R-VA) who is calling for an emergency session of Congress on Syria… Al-Arabiya Washington Bureau Chief Hisham Melhem will discuss potential impact of any U.S. military action on the region…  Rev. Alvin Love of the National Baptist Convention will talk about his meeting with President Obama and the President’s speech before the Lincoln Memorial on Weds…  Time Magazine’s Zeke Miller will discuss his article on Obama’s MLK moment…  Foreign Policy Initiative Fellow James Kirchick, who recently hijacked a Russian TV interview to protest for LGBT rights, will discuss Russia’s gay ban ahead of the Olympics… And Today’s Agenda Panel includes:  The Root’s Keli Goff, MSNBC Political Contributor Steve Benen and Think Progress Managing Editor Igor Volsky.

*** Tuesday’s “NOW with Alex Wagner” line-up: Alex Wagner’s guests include Business Insider’s Josh Barro, the Daily Beast’s Peter Beinart, the Washington Post’s Jonathan Capehart, The Atlantic’s Garance Franke-Ruta, and The Nation’s Ari Berman.

*** Tuesday’s “Andrea Mitchell Reports” line-up: NBC’s Andrea Mitchell interviews NBC’s Richard Engel, former Secretary of Defense Chief of Staff Jeremy Bash, the Washington Post’s Chris Cillizza, Singer/Activist Harry Belafonte, Sharon Malone, the sister of the late Vivian Malone, who integrated into the Univ. of Alabama in 1963 and Bonnie Boswell, the niece of civil rights leader Whitney Young and executive producer of “The Powerbroker”.

*** Tuesday’s “News Nation with Tamron Hall” line-up: Thomas Roberts, filling in for Tamron Hall, interviews former State Department spokesperson PJ Crowley, Time’s Bobby Ghosh, Rep. Gregory Meeks (D-NY), CNBC’s Arjun Kharpal, investigative crime reporter Michele Sigona , and Maria Foscarinis, executive director of the National Center on Homelessness and Poverty.